Barnstable County Purchasing COVID-19 Update




Frequently Asked Questions related to COVID-19 and the Barnstable County Purchasing Division.

Can bids be emailed or faxed?  Under no circumstances can bids or proposals be emailed or faxed.  In the future we hope to have an e-bidding solution but at this time the bids scheduled to open in the next few weeks still have to be submitted in person or by mail by the deadline date and time.

Where can bids be sent/dropped off ?  To mail the bids please address it to: Barnstable County Purchasing Department, Superior Courthouse, 3195 Main Street, Barnstable, MA 02630.  Should you choose to drop off the bid, you may do so in the lobby of the Superior Court Building and someone will be there will accept your proposal.  Please note the building is closed to the public so you will not be able to go beyond the lobby area.

How can I attend the public opening if the building is closed to the public?  Due to COVID-19, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office has advised that public openings may be done through a livestream.  An in-person bid opening will not be held for the current bids.   A link will be available on the Barnstable County Purchasing website under “Bids and Proposals” for the public to join on the day of the opening with the exception of #7908 which is not a public opening.  Results will also be posted on the web-site for those who cannot attend.

For additional guidance on Building and Public Works Procurement from the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts, please visit their COVID-19 FAQ page.

For additional guidance on Goods and Services Procurement from the Office of the Inspector General of Massachusetts, please visit their COVID-19 FAQ Page

For any other questions please email us at

Thank you and stay safe!

Jennifer Frates, Chief Procurement Officer