Links & Resources

The following is a list of agencies that can provide information to those who are in charge of making purchasing decisions.

Barnstable County

What’s new in County Government including recent annual reports.

Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM)

Information on registering with the Division of Capital Asset Management.

The Division of Energy Resources

Tips on energy conservation, as well as price surveys and forecasts.

The Inspector General

Detailed information regarding MGL Chapter 30B. Manuals outlining Chapter 30B and Chapter 149

Guide to Designing and Constructing Public Facilities

This guide covers the laws regarding design and construction bidding.

Chapter 30B Guide

Legal Requirements, Recommended Practices, and Sources of Advice for Procuring Supplies, Services, and Real Property

State Publications and Regulations

Information and subscription forms for the Goods & Services Bulletin and the Central Register.

Massachusetts Association of Public Purchasing Officials

The MA Association of Public Purchasing Officials  is a group made up of Purchasing and Procurement professionals working in the Public Sector in cities, towns, school districts, state agencies, authorities and other quasi public entities