County Roadway Contracts

The following links are to spreadsheets which list the current pricing for County Roadway bids.


Resurfacing: The resurfacing bid is only open for a one year term: April 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

Price Spreadsheet: Road Resurfacing Spreadsheet

Bid Documents: 2019: Road Resurfacing Bid 19

Notice of Award: Road Resurfacing Notice of Award 2019

Prevailing Wages: Prevailing Wages – RR19

Contracts: Dirtworks 19
Lawrence Lynch 19
PJ Keating 19


The following bids were bid in 2019 for the period of April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020 with the option to renew for one additional year


Materials Price Spreadsheet: Materials Pricing Spreadsheet

Materials Notice of Award 2019: Materials Notice of Award

Materials Specifications: Materials Specifications 2019

Aggregate Industries
Cape Cod Aggregates
llynch materials 2019
PA Landers – Materials


Miscellaneous Public Works:

Misc Public Works Spreadsheet: Misc Public Works Spreadsheet 2019

Misc Public Works Notice of Award: Misc Public Works Notice of Award 2019

Misc Public Works Specifications: MPW Specifications 2019

Misc Public Works Prevailing Wages:  MPW Prevailing Wage Schedule

lynch mpw
Sealcoating MPW 2019
markings inc.


Drainage and Guardrail:

Drainage and Guardrail Pricing Spreadsheet: Copy of roadway-Rebid-2019-web

Drainage and Guardrail Notice of Award: notice of award drainage and guardrail

Drainage and Guardrail Specifications: Drainage and Guard Rail

Drainage and Guardrail Prevailing Wages: 20190212-024 (003)



Hot Mix and Drainage Structures:

Notice of Award: Notice of Award

Bid Spreadsheet: hot mix asphalt drainage structures prices

Specifications: Hot Mix Asphalt and Drainage Structures

Contracts: aggregate contracts


Roadway Construction: The Roadway Construction items were bid in 2018 for the period of April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019, with the option to renew for one additional year.

The bids were renewed for one additional year – April 1, 2019 through March 31,2020.

Roadway Bid Renewal: Roadway Construction Bids Renewal

Price Spreadsheet: Roadway Construction 2018 Bids Awarded

Bid Documents: 2018 Road Const Bid

Notice of Award: Roadway Construction Notice of Award – 2018

Prevailing Wages: Prevailing Wages – Roadway Construction 2018