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The purpose of this Contract is for Construction Projects less than $50,000 that fall under M.G.L. Ch 149 for Building Construction and 30, 39M for Public Works Construction.  Barnstable County solicited qualifications from bidders for a list 17 different trades.  This allows municipalities to save time and money on advertising for small projects.

Tradespersons User Guide

Please note the locations where a Contractor is able to provide services.

  • A – Upper Cape
  • B – Mid Cape
  • C – Lower Cape
  • D – Outer Cape
  • E – Nantucket

The Waterproofing Company

Contact: Leonard James Business address 25 Chesterton Street Boston MA 02119 Work Phone: (617) 541-0506 Website:

The Waterproofing Company serves all Towns on Cape Cod and Nantucket.

Locations: A, B, C, D & E

Contract # BC-21-7932: Trade Sheet – The Waterproofing Company